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When we ask the writer who produced it very intensely how she achieved this, we get the following answer: "I am just ashamed of myself when I know what the thinkers who have brought us to this day are producing." 

Salom Newspaper - Israel


Love can not be written by pen, so not found in the book.


Sems-i Tebrizi graciously takes the book Mevlana is reading and without hesitation throws it into the pool of water in the courtyard. While Rumi was in a state of astonishment, Sems uttered the following words:

"Love is not written with a pen so that it can be found in book:

They are not the only ones who experience that moment. We have been living it for hundreds of years. Give your heart to the book you read as you live the moment. Give it so that it gives you all the secrets it carries. Now open the first page with this intention. Welcome.

Love in the days of the
Khojaly Massacre
ISBN- 9786254418907

A love story in the middle of the genocide and the "Khojaly Massacre", the great barbarism of the Armenians, in which the Azerbaijani Turks were massacred.

Being you again
ISBN- 9786254415999

"Being You Again" is a brand new mysticism and awareness book. It's not just a book, it's an invitation to live peacefully.

Despite everything

Sometimes sadness, sometimes joy, a long life and one of the biggest historical names of Cyprus. Rüstem Tatar, his life and the whole history of the period.

PHOTO-2022-01-11-17-42-36 2.JPG
Biography of Nelson Mandela
ISBN- 9786254415593

The whole life of Nelson Mandela with its unknown aspects. His lifelong struggle. His exemplary words and ideals. All together.

Shams Tabrizi


Although the name of Shams Tabrizi is thought to be heard with Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi, he is “The Sun of the Islamic Religion”. Rumi has many of his works, including Divan-i Shams-i Tabrizi, inspire by Shams. Shams is Rumi's ore that illuminates in the shade. Mevlana adds hope to the "ocean of mercy" and the "hope of knowledge". It removes Rumi from where it is clogged and brings it with the dazzling light of truth.

Book, in the bestseller list in Turkey and Germany.

Ata ön.png
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk


You will read the unknown aspects of Mustafa Kemal, his mornings, and teachings in a completely different way. A statesman who has proven himself to the whole world. The deep mourning and suffering of his past made him the father of a country. This is the first time you will read Atatürk like this.

Ibn Arabi

Whoever You Love, You See Her On Everyone's Face: The book on the philosophy and teaching of Ibn Arabi, one of the deepest Islamic philosophers of all time, contains details that everyone will gain sufficient knowledge and education to start a new life to the smallest detail.

Book, in the bestseller list in Turkey and Germany.

I never gave up


The book, describing the biography of Ersin Tatar, Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, contains the final evaluations of Tatar, who is also a candidate for the Presidency.

Night of Broken Glass


The novel which's preface is written by Prof. Dr. Vamık D. Volkan and which conveys the Holocaust reality in the most striking language, met with the reader. The actual history that is partaking in the novel is completed in the Turkish Edition with the support of the American Holocaust Museum.

Winner of the Golden Pen Literature Award. Book, in the bestseller list in Turkey.

A Psychoanalyst on His Own Couch


2019/London. Vamik Volkan puts himself on his couch and tells his fascinating life story as an international psychoanalyst who has seen and studied humans in many parts of the world to the renowned writer, scriptwriter, and director.

Selected the best book of 2019 in the UK. Book, in the bestseller list in UK and US.

A Psychoanalyst on His Own Couch -tr


Vamik Volkan puts himself on his couch and tells his fascinating life story as an international psychoanalyst who has seen and studied humans in many parts of the world to the renowned writer, scriptwriter, and director.

Book, in the bestseller list in Turkey.

After Tomorrow


Life sometimes fits into the moment with peace and you beat time in someplace. "AFTER TOMORROW", the story of peace beating time. Bringing Akpınar Patisserie, which filled 80 years in particular, and its generally sweet history into today’s world. In a way, "After Tomorrow" is a research and biography study in the taste of the cake.

The Kingdom of Lambousa


With the novel "The Kingdom of Lambousa", the author, going back to the depths of more than 30 centuries of history, shares the findings and information that haven't been written before about the wealthiest kingdom of the period. While the book is written with many references, it also includes photographs and myths as well as information that has not been previously published, via British Museum. 

While There Is Time


A novel about the reality of life and trade after World War II and also the story of two brothers, who created a commercial adventure for over 70 years, achieving success while going through hard periods of history. 

Toy car


"Toy car" is a novel about the love of a young couple in the midst of the inter-communal conflicts that took place in Cyprus in the '60s and '70s. In addition, the novel has made two editions and has been sold everywhere in Turkey via the Internet. 

Double Harbour

ISBN- 978-605-539-511-7

It is a poetry book published by the author after 14 years of break. The book consists of poems about love and struggle; In addition to the love stories from all over the world, it also includes battles against the pain of newer times. 

It became the best-selling poetry book in the publication year.


One of the author's novels. The book, published in 2006, is based on the real story of a woman's murder in the second half of the 70s in Cyprus. It is the first murder novel written in Cyprus.

The book was adapted to the cinema under the name "The Key".

Silk Road

It is the author's first book. It made two prints in 1997 and 2001 and then it was sold out. Published under the title of "6400 Kilometers and a Thousand-Year Book”, the book consists of poems and essays that refer to the historical philosophy of the route known as the Silk Road.

Together we did it 

It is a study that includes the course of the Covid19 New Type Coronavirus epidemic in the TRNC and the details of what was done to prevent the first wave.

You will read the unknown aspects of Mustafa Kemal, his mornings, and teachings in a completely different way.
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