The works of Writer and Director Ferhat Atik, which has attracted attention with the documentaries he has produced in recent years, have been honored with worldwide awards and gives him a justified pride.

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Psychology of Migration


   In this documentary world-renowned psychoanalyst, Vamık Volkan talks about his work with immigrants and refugees. He describes the impact of losing family members, friends, and homes. He also focuses on the psychology of host countries. This documentary is the most timely and useful in understanding our present world. From the perspective of Prof. Dr. Vamik Volkan, "The great pain of our age: Migration"

The documentary has 13 first-place awards all around the world.

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It wasn't easy


The commercial adventure of Ahmet and Nafi Brothers is not only a biography, but also the story of an entire country since the first day they operated. We arrive at an analysis of an era through their lives.

Hakan's Journey to Peace

Our documentary about the humanism of Mevlana through Hakan Mengüç. Bangladesh - Turkey - TRNC partnership and world-renowned documentary director Shahriar Kabir and taken with an international project.

My Dear Ahmet


Ferhat Atik was the General Coordinator and Screenplay Consultancy of the film, directed by the legendary Kurdish Director Gani Rüzgar Şavata, telling a section of Ahmet Kaya's life.

Educational Documentary

A documentary covering a period of 500 years, explains the land's education adventure, starting from the pre-Ottoman period to the present day, with the doyens of education.  

Letters to the Future

It is a visionary documentary and a first in the world in its own concept.  With 250 children drawing about future and with 25 people who are known worldwide talking about the next 25 years regarding 25 different subjects, the project has been kept in a special vault to be opened and watched for the first time in 2038, after 25 years. The project targeted many contents including ceremonies and commemorations every year and at special times and it occurred for the first time in the world. 

Inversely Awareness

A short film about a woman's loneliness and indecision and the struggle of one's mind and heart against all that is happening in life. In the film, the conflicts of a woman's life and the effects of the things that happen out of her control are explained in a striking expression. The author's short film, screened at the Italian RIFF film festival, is an example of a conflict classic. In addition to writing and producing the scripts, the author also directed the film too. 

A Section of Philosophy of Derrida

A new documentary by Ferhat Atik. Jacques Derrida was a French linguist and one of the most difficult philosophers of the last century and his field of philosophy became the subject of Ferhat Atik's documentary. The documentary, which includes evaluations and images of Derrida, examines the field of Derrida philosophy in its general meaning.

Pursuit of Genealogy

Famous actor Hüseyin Köroğlu made the voice over of the documentary in which 33 Ottoman works throughout the land were being examined. The documentary has been screened in 26 festivals multiple times. 

Pin Wheel

A documentary about children's games. The scenario of the project and its directing are done by our author. The project is a documentary about children's games that explains and plays 20 games with nearly 100 children. In front of the selected places in the documentary, children have helped history to reach the future by playing old street games.

Cinema Cinema


The deep worries and promises of cinema are explained in this short film with facts including cinema history. The writer, who was the screenwriter and director of the film, also produced the short film by himself. The short film, which was produced at the end of 2014, will be screened at TOFF and PSFF festivals in 2015.