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The author is a 36-year Sufism student and a 22-year Sufism teacher. In addition to his books and his documentaries in this field, he has approximately 8 thousand students and lessons that he continues with approximately 2 thousand individual sessions. Some of these training are listed below:


Seven Great Secrets of Sufism:

A very detailed example of Sufism. In order to benefit from all knowledge of Sufism, we associate it not only with Sufism but also with our current life. One education of one year, consisting of 49 lessons. The training has started, but as soon as we register, we send the link to all the lessons. You can join from the first lesson to come. Classes are held in Turkey time at 19.00 on Sunday. 


Which of Allah's names is yours?

In this tutorial, we find the answer to this together. 7 lessons in total. It is done every 6 weeks. Tuesday nights at 20:00 Turkish time. Everything happens for the first time in these workshops.


Quran on the contemporary world

We are learning the Holy Quran and its meaning in Turkish in a contemporary language. We are downloading hatim together.


Private MMPI and Sufi sessions

It is done with the training program that will be created for you and the content we have prepared together for you. You can be alone. Or, if you want, you can attend a maximum of 4-5 people. We determine its content together. In addition to the special education of Sufism, it includes sufi practices and motivation, personal development and multi-faceted assistance. We also learn through the MMPI technique and our subliminal experiences and concerns and our collection of empaths alike.

It's not a new you,

you are becoming again anew you.

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