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Love can not be written by pen, so not found in the book.

Sems-i Tebrizi graciously takes the book Mevlana is reading and without hesitation throws it into the pool of water in the courtyard. While Rumi was in a state of astonishment, Sems uttered the following words:

"Love is not written with a pen so that it can be found in book:

They are not the only ones who experience that moment. We have been living it for hundreds of years. Give your heart to the book you read as you live the moment. Give it so that it gives you all the secrets it carries.

Now open the first page with this intention.


Love in the days of the Khojaly Massacre
ISBN- 9786254418907

A love story set in the middle of the genocide and the "Khojaly Massacre", the great barbarity of the Armenians, in which the Azerbaijani Turks were massacred.

   In addition to hours of interviews with Dr. Volkan, Ferhat Atik has done extensive research involving reading and digesting sixty-two of his books. Volkan's first-hand narrations are in this thoughtful and empathetic biography. Volkan also wrote a preface. Author Ferhat Atik has created a work that gets full marks from all literary circles. / The Daily Record


   A very important book is full of information that will be useful to everyone. Ferhat Atik expertly wrote. The information that we all should have is presented to us from the author masterful. / Karnac Book

   The book, which is on sale all over the world and is included in the bestseller list everywhere, was chosen as the best book in the UK in 2019. Ferhat Atik created a masterpiece. / Confer-UK

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1 Documentary 79 Awards


A new documentary is coming

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