You will read the unknown aspects of Mustafa Kemal, his mornings, and teachings in a completely different way.



   Although the name of Shams Tabrizi is thought to be heard with Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi, he is “The Sun of the Islamic Religion”. Rumi has many of his works, including Divan-i Shams-i Tabrizi, inspire by Shams.


   Shams is Rumi's ore that illuminates in the shade. Mevlana adds hope to the "ocean of mercy" and the "hope of knowledge". It removes Rumi from where it is clogged and brings it with the dazzling light of truth.

   In addition to hours of interviews with Dr. Volkan, Ferhat Atik has done extensive research involving reading and digesting sixty-two of his books. Volkan's first-hand narrations are in this thoughtful and empathetic biography. Volkan also wrote a preface. Author Ferhat Atik has created a work that gets full marks from all literary circles. / The Daily Record


   A very important book is full of information that will be useful to everyone. Ferhat Atik expertly wrote. The information that we all should have is presented to us from the author masterful. / Karnac Book

   The book, which is on sale all over the world and is included in the bestseller list everywhere, was chosen as the best book in the UK in 2019. Ferhat Atik created a masterpiece. / Confer-UK


Author Ferhat Atik, together with Bülent Gardiyanoğlu, is a Sufi instructor at Nefes21 Academy and Kisisel Gelisim TV.


   Sufi Academy was established within Girne American University in 2018 with the decision numbered SNT 018 / 019-002 of the Girne American University Senate and Hakan Mengüç was appointed as the President of the Sufi AcademySufi Academy is a voluntary movement that aims to explain the philosophy of tolerance, compassion, unity, compassion, and love of Sufi philosophy.

   Sufi Academy's main idea comes from som special sentences: Like Mevlana's words "Come, come again, whoever you are, come" and Yunus Emre's "love the created for the creator's sake." Mevlana's "We did not plant any seeds other than love in this land." is perhaps the best summary of the purpose of the Sufi academy. A seed of love that we sow can lead to a tree, and a tree with its seeds can cause thousands of trees to grow.

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