עמוד ראשי

   Ferhat Atik is a Turkish writer, scriptwriter, and director. He is an activist for Occupy Filmmakers and Occupies Writers. Having lectured on economics, media, literature, and cinema at the doctorate level, and has published articles in newspapers and journals, Ferhat then became a producer and a TV and radio host. He has published thousands of articles, several novels, and various film scripts. Silk Road, Autumn, Toy Car, Double Port, When There is Still Time, Kingdom of Lambousa, After Tomorrow, A psychoanalyst on his own couch: Vamik Volkan, Night of Broken Glass are among his published works.


   Ferhat has directed and written screenplays for short films that have appeared at international film festivals, particularly in Italy, India, and the Far East. His full-length feature film The Key, based on his own novel Autumn, premiered at the 48th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival and was then shown at the 31st Istanbul Film Festival in 2012. It was released in the same year in North Cyprus with a gala opening. This was North Cyprus’s first 35mm feature film.  

   We can say that his film Letters to the Future Documentary is unique in its field. This production, made in collaboration with Serhat Akpınar, the founding president and chairman of the executive board of Girne American University, has an interesting speculative, perhaps mischievous, take on a series of interviews with twenty-five famous people held in the year 2038. Screenplays for In Search of Ancestry, Pinwheel, and Wasn’t Easy, followed, and his endeavors in cinema, literature, and research continue. Besides, the author has been the coordinator of the Radio and Television Supreme Council for 22 years.


   Ferhat Atik teaches Creative Writing and Screenwriting at the academy and he is the owner of the Golden Pen award of Turkey in 2018. He has articles over 7 thousand. He is a columnist at KibrisPostasi and Shalom newspapers in Cyprus and Turkey. The author also won, "The best book of 2019" award in the UK with "A psychoanalyst on his own couch" book. The author is a member of World Biography Writers. In addition, Ferhat Atik, with the joint decision and support of 9 countries in January 2020; was elected President of the 21st Century Form For Humanity. Also, he was the winner of the 2020 RAGFF New York Festival award and more than 15 first-place awards with the "Psychology Of Migration" Documentary. The author is also a Sufi Academy instructor-led by Hakan Mengüç.

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